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Whistleblower lawyers based in Washington DC handling False Claims Act qui tam lawsuits nationwide

Whistleblower Settlements

VSG’s qui tam lawyers, while in private practice and previously with the Department of Justice, have successfully represented whistleblowers and the government, winning many significant False Claims Act recoveries and qui tam settlements. Our whistleblower lawsuits have received national coverage in the media, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, and 60 Minutes.

The following are summaries of some of our cases.

False Claims Act Healthcare – Qui Tam Cases in Healthcare

Kickbacks to Induce Unnecessary Hospital Admissions

EmCare, Inc. paid more than $30 million to settle qui tam claims brought by VSG clients and another set of relators, alleging that EmCare received kickbacks from a major hospital chain in exchange for pressuring hospital emergency room (ER) doctors to increase the rate of ER-to-hospital admissions. EmCare also entered into a confidential settlement with VSG’s client on her unlawful retaliation claim.

Medical Billing Fraud Whistleblower Case - Medicare Fraud

Radiology Billing Fraud

Drew Medical Center, Inc., a Florida diagnostic radiology company, agreed to pay approximately $1.5 million to resolve qui tam whistleblower claims in a qui tam suit that it systemically charged Medicare for venograms although the company was not performing those procedures.

Medicare Qui Tam Lawsuit - Medically Unnecessary Services

Medically Unnecessary Radiology Services

Florida radiologist Fred Steinberg paid $7 million to settle qui tam whistleblower claims in a qui tam lawsuit that he billed Medicare for medical imaging tests that were not ordered and were medically unnecessary. The settlement was among the largest recoveries ever for Medicare fraud against a single physician and his practice.

Medicare Fraud Qui Tam Cases - Healthcare False Claims Act Lawsuit

Overcharging Medicare for Emergency Physician Services

Emergency Physicians Billing Service paid over $28.8 million to resolve whistleblower claims in a qui tam lawsuit that it systematically overcharged Medicare for emergency physician services. The settlement followed a trial conducted by qui tam attorney Mr. Vogel, co-counsel, and government counsel that established the defendant’s liability under the False Claims Act.

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