Do You Need a Whistleblower Lawyer for Cybersecurity Fraud?

What is cybersecurity fraud?

Cybersecurity fraud is when a government contractor or subcontractor knowingly violates key government requirements to:

i) incorporate specified cybersecurity features when providing goods or services;

ii) take specified measures to protect electronic documents or data; or,

iii) promptly report cybersecurity breaches.

If you know of cybersecurity violations that expose the Government to undue security risk, your information may form the basis for a strong qui tam action.

In 2020, the digital systems of about a dozen federal agencies and one hundred companies were breached by suspected agents of the Russian government. The hackers exploited weaknesses in software provided by a federal contractor: Solar Winds. In the wake of this attack, the federal government has made addressing the nation’s cybersecurity a priority and is calling on whistleblowers to help. In October 2021, the Department of Justice unveiled the Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative which will be empowered to use the False Claims Act and assist whistleblowers in pursuing cases against government contractors who have failed to follow required cybersecurity standards or report hacks of their systems.

This is a pressing area of fraud, and cybersecurity whistleblowers who have valuable information may see the federal government dedicate generous resources and attention to investigating their complaints. If you know of cybersecurity violations that meet the above criteria and are looking for an experienced whistleblower attorney, contact VSG at 202-537-5900 for a confidential conversation. We have vast experience representing whistleblowers in government contractor fraud suits and are nationally recognized as leaders in winning rewards for our whistleblower clients.