Do You Need a Whistleblower Attorney for Government Contractor Fraud?

What is government contractor fraud?

Government contract fraud is any dishonest scheme by which a contractor (or subcontractor) knowingly induces the Government to pay money that it should not have paid under a contract for goods and services, e.g., where the contractor knew the goods or services were not provided or were substandard or failed to meet other significant contract requirements, or where the contractor lied in order to get the contract.

The original False Claims Act, including its qui tam provisions, was passed in 1863 to combat cheating in the Civil War by Union Army war suppliers. In recent years, fraud by defense contractors and other government suppliers continues to be one of the biggest and most important areas of qui tam whistleblower litigation. For over 20 years, VSG federal fraud whistleblower attorneys have been successfully representing whistleblowers in government contractor fraud cases.

VSG Settlements

Government Contract Fraud Case - Quality Assurance Fraud

Weapons Testing & Quality Assurance Fraud

Teledyne Inc. paid more than $115 million to settle claims in two qui tam whistleblower lawsuits that the company falsely certified testing of electromagnetic parts used in weapons systems and padded estimates on sole source contracts. Teledyne also plead guilty to 35 criminal counts of making false statements and paid a $17.5 million fine.

Government Security Contractor Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuit

Government Security Contractor Fraud

ArmorGroup North America paid $7.5 million to settle a qui tam whistleblower lawsuit alleging that it submitted false claims to the State Department on its contract to guard the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Government Contract Fraud Case - False Claims Act Lawsuit

Overbilling on Government Software Contracts

CA Technologies agreed to pay over $11 million to settle allegations that the software giant violated the federal False Claims Act and similar state and local statutes through the fraudulent billing of hundreds of public agencies on software maintenance renewal contracts.

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