Why VSG Is Among the Country’s Best Qui Tam Law Firms

While we are proud to have been recognized in a study published in the Columbia Law Review for having the highest success rate among the nation’s top qui tam law firms for achieving monetary awards on behalf of our whistleblower clients, it’s the testimonials by our clients and colleagues, with whom we sometimes work for years, that are most gratifying. Here is what they say about working with us.

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Testimonials from our Clients

“I had the great fortune of being guided by Vogel, Slade and Goldstein down the difficult path of pursuing both a qui tam lawsuit and a wrongful termination case. From the first day that I worked with Janet Goldstein and Rob Vogel, I knew that I was in good hands and that the firm was looking after my interests first. Janet and Rob were able to help me focus on what was important. We faced many challenges along the way, but at every step, I was confident that we would knock it out of the park. My lawyers successfully handled everything: from multiple government agencies to the very difficult adversary in our case. It is my firm belief that if I had not found them, there is no way I would be where I am today.

Thanks to the outstanding support and legal expertise of the Vogel, Slade and Goldstein team, I was able to reach a satisfactory result. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who needs legal help.”

James Gordon
Former Client (v. AmorGroup)

“Shelley Slade took the lead on my case, with Rob Vogel working on the case at times as well. Shelley and Rob know this niche of law as well as it can be known. They also know what goes on behind closed doors – how things get resolved. Being out-resourced by the defendants was never an issue. When needed, they would spend the money and hire outside counsel. Shelley’s integrity was beyond reproach. I’d hire her again. Some lawyers get a bad reputation but not her.

D. Michael K.
Former Client (v. Long-Term Care Pharmacy Chain and Drug Manufacturers)

“Janet Goldstein and Rob Vogel accurately predicted every aspect and stage – they were fantastic at guiding me. They’re doing this for the right reasons: they care and they promote social justice. These are the lawyers you want on your side.

Mark Lindley
Former Client (v. Gallup)
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“Shelley Slade is not just the finest lawyer I’ve ever met, but also the finest of human beings. Throughout my experience with her, successfully filing and fighting my qui tam case, she was always focused on doing the right thing. She has a depth of legal knowledge and a rare ability to connect the dots in a plaintiff’s recollection of events and make the case airtight. She gave me the encouragement and the courage to put an end to a scam that had been ongoing for over ten years and had defrauded the government of millions of dollars. Thank you, Shelley!

R. Seth
Former Client (v. Navy Contractor and Navy Program Officer)

“When you’re thinking about filing a qui tam lawsuit, you may not realize how long the case is likely to go on and how many unexpected delays, obstacles, and reversals you are likely to encounter along the way. As a former relator myself, I know the importance of picking a highly skilled legal team that will stand at your side, remain dedicated to your case year after year, and fight your legal battles to the end. During the six years that my case was in court, I was fortunate to be represented by such a first-rate legal team – a team that stood firm with me through the most discouraging times; turned the case in my favor; and eventually, prevailed. If you are considering Vogel, Slade & Goldstein, LLP, you should feel confident that you will have quality legal counsel and a team that will persevere.

David Clayman
Former Client (v. Fred Steinberg, M.D.)

“After reaching out to and speaking with multiple attorneys about the fraud I believed my company was engaged in, VSG was one of the first firms to really listen to me and work with me to understand what it was that I was up against. Throughout the long legal proceedings, they advised me every step of the way and always made me feel like I wasn’t stranded out there on my own. It was always “our” case — not just mine to figure out and navigate alone. I worked with partners Rob Vogel and Janet Goldstein and appreciated that VSG seemed to be more of a boutique, personal firm, and not a huge conglomerate. I recommend VSG and advise anyone who is trying to expose fraud not to give up too soon – keep looking and reaching out, the right attorneys are out there, and they’ll be the ones willing to listen to you.

Tracy Lovvorn
Former Client (v. Extendicare)

“I would highly recommend VSG because from the get-go, they always warned me of what the risks are, and that it would take years. These companies will hire the best attorneys in the country – so you need match them with the best Qui Tam attorneys. I believe VSG’s high government intervention rate reflects how good they are at representing relators. Shelley Slade definitely stood up for me. Every time they put up these very complex arguments, we seemed to be able to overcome them almost in their entirety. And, when you’re in that deposition, you need someone like Shelley Slade to stand up with you. You don’t know that going into it.

David Kester
Former Client (v. Novartis)
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“Rob Vogel is a very easy guy to work with.  He listened to my concerns; he provided appropriate advice; and he always had a positive attitude.  He’s always thinking, and being a strategist is second-nature to Rob.  Without his guidance, I don’t think I would have received the refund.

Mary Grice
Former Client (v. Social Security Administration)
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“I was a Chief Medical Officer at a southern California county teaching hospital who was terminated after initiating an internal investigation into compliance and quality issues. Fortunately, I found Janet Goldstein, who was willing to help me navigate, what was for me, an uncharted sea. Those who care about the ethics of healthcare are fortunate to have Janet as their protector. In addition to making sure that the hospital’s conduct was properly investigated, Janet brought in an excellent employment lawyer, Marvin Krakow, and together they were able to bring the hospital situation before the county’s Board of Supervisors and to obtain a reasonable settlement for my case.

What came out most during my experience was Janet’s and Marvin’s dedication to doing the “right thing,” which includes vigorously representing those of us who, while thinking we are doing that “right thing,” find ourselves examples of Oscar Wilde’s, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

Thank you, Janet, I will be forever grateful.

Donald Mellman, M.D.
Former Client (v. Riverside County Regional Medical Center)

“I hired Shelley Slade to help me bring a a qui tam action against Wyeth Pharmaceutical Company, and then Pfizer, the company that purchased Wyeth, for our claims involving off-label marketing of the drug Rapamune. Choosing Shelley as my whistleblower attorney proved to be a wise move in every respect possible. I was always very impressed with her superb knowledge of the law, and owing to her experience as a DOJ attorney, her amazing “insider” knowledge of how the DOJ really operates in prosecuting these cases. Shelley was always a good listener, and patiently answered my numerous questions in a manner understandable to the non-legal mind! She is kind, tactful, and quite personable, yet when necessary can be quite assertive and tenacious – both indispensable qualities in a Qui Tam attorney.

Mark Campbell
Former Client (v. Wyeth Pharmaceutical Co. and Pfizer, Inc.)
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“Janet Goldstein was my whistleblower attorney and I could not be more pleased. She is honest, hardworking and not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. She took on my case, and was not only kind and understanding, but she is one accomplished lawyer to have on your side. She walked me through the whole False Claims Act process, start to finish, guiding me every step of the way. The end result was a great win. Ms Goldstein knows her stuff and is unbelievably relentless. I highly recommend her and am highly satisfied with her work on my case.

Ann-Marie Shaw
Former Client (v. Computer Associates)

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Testimonials from our Colleagues

“I have worked with the three principals at Vogel, Slade & Goldstein, LLP for over 25 years during my tenure as a federal white collar crime prosecutor and later while in private practice. I know firsthand that Rob, Janet, and Shelley are widely respected within the Department of Justice and other federal agencies for their expertise and tenacity in pursuing the rights of whistleblowers. Unlike some of their competitors, I’ve seen them take extremely difficult cases to a successful resolution. The firm over the years has demonstrated both its skill in persuading DOJ to intervene in their cases, and its ability and determination to take on major corporations themselves when that is required.

James Graham
Retired federal prosecutor and former law firm partner

“For over 25 years I worked for the HHS Office of Inspector General, and I was the Government’s lead case agent in two significant health care fraud cases where Rob Vogel represented the qui tam Relators. One was against Blue Shield of California, and the other, Lifescan (a Johnson & Johnson company). Rob is an outstanding attorney to work with because he knows the False Claims Act inside out and understands what it takes to build a compelling fraud case. The Government intervened in both cases and achieved outstanding settlements.

Steven M. Lack, Ph.D.
Certified Fraud Examiner

“I first met Shelley Slade in 2000, when I was serving as the President of Taxpayers Against Fraud, the national public interest organization dedicated to educating the public about the False Claims Act and protecting that law as a tool to redress fraud on the government. I called upon Shelley to assist with a number of TAF’s legal and legislative projects during the years that I served as TAF’s President. Whenever I was stumped about some aspect of the False Claims Act, Shelley was my go-to lawyer. No one knows false claims law better than Shelley.

Jim Moorman
Former President, Taxpayers Against Fraud and Former U.S. Assistant Attorney General for the Land & Natural Resources Division

“I spent the first five years of my legal career working with Janet Goldstein and learning how to practice law from her. During that time, we worked closely on a qui tam case against Teledyne, Inc. that resulted in an $88 million qui tam settlement (plus $17.5 million in criminal fines). Because Janet has experience both as a federal prosecutor and as a qui tam lawyer, she can see the whole picture and has a great strategic sense. She’s a fierce advocate for her clients; knows what they need and how to protect their interests; and ultimately, how to get the best outcomes possible for them. I’m a better lawyer today for having had the privilege of working with her.

Ann Carlson
Shapiro Professor of Environmental Law, UCLA School of Law

“As one of Arkansas’ leading health law firms, we occasionally have the opportunity to represent clients in qui tam cases. In one instance, after the Department of Justice declined to intervene in the case we filed, we looked for the right qui tam firm to bring onboard. Fortunately, we found Vogel, Slade & Goldstein and they agreed to partner with us. Associating with VSG immediately brought us to the highest level of competence in this unique and complex area of law practice. Janet and Rob stepped in and worked side-by-side with us and our client every step of the way. Their enormous experience, coupled with their knowledge of how the Justice Department operates and the individual DOJ attorneys who might be of assistance (even in a declined case), proved indispensable to the ultimate successful resolution of the case.

Mike Mitchell
Partner, Mitchell, Blackstock, Ivers & Sneddon, PLLC

“I have had the pleasure of working as co-counsel with Shelley Slade on a qui tam lawsuit. I can say without reservation that she is truly an expert in her field. Shelley fully understands this very complicated area of law, and, in my 25 years of practice, I have only encountered a handful of attorneys who worked so tirelessly day-in and day-out for their client. I would recommend her in an instant.

Timothy D. Eisel
Employment Law Attorney

“The practice of law changes with the times, but good lawyering is a constant. I have had the pleasure of working with Janet Goldstein as a referrer and in handling the employment aspects of False Claims Act cases she has initiated. She is thorough, aggressive, and whip smart. It is a pleasure to work with her and a privilege to know her.

Marvin E. Krakow
Partner, Alexander Krakow + Glick, LLP

“I’ve known and worked with Shelley Slade since 1991, when I was assigned as a Federal Agent to work on a major Foreign Corrupt Practices investigation that she was directing for the Civil Division of the USDOJ. Since that time, we have had occasion to work together on many significant Civil False Claims Act investigations involving Healthcare Fraud, Bribery, Kickbacks, and Procurement Fraud by major Defense Contractors. I have found her to be one of the most knowledgeable, innovative, and courageous attorneys I’ve had the pleasure to work with over my 45-year career as a criminal investigator, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking representation in a Civil False Claims case.

John Huheey
President, Veritas Investigations and Former Senior Special Agent, Defense Criminal Investigative Service