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Whistleblower lawyers based in Washington DC handling False Claims Act qui tam lawsuits nationwide

Whistleblower Settlements

VSG’s qui tam lawyers, while in private practice and previously with the Department of Justice, have successfully represented whistleblowers and the government, winning many significant False Claims Act recoveries and qui tam settlements. Our whistleblower lawsuits have received national coverage in the media, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, and 60 Minutes.

The following are summaries of some of our cases.

Government Contract Fraud Case - Quality Assurance Fraud

Weapons Testing & Quality Assurance Fraud

Teledyne Inc. paid more than $115 million to settle claims in two qui tam whistleblower lawsuits that the company falsely certified testing of electromagnetic parts used in weapons systems and padded estimates on sole source contracts. Teledyne also plead guilty to 35 criminal counts of making false statements and paid a $17.5 million fine.

Government Cost Accounting Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuit

Government Cost Accounting Fraud

A major defense contractor paid $82 million to settle a qui tam whistleblower lawsuit alleging that the contractor had falsely allocated commercial costs to government contracts.

GE Government Contract Fraud - False Claims Act Case

Foreign Military Sales Program Fraud

General Electric Company, in what was at the time the largest recovery for the government ever in a False Claims Act case, paid $59 million to settle a qui tam whistleblower lawsuit alleging that it had defrauded the Foreign Military Sales Program of the U.S. Department of Defense by diverting taxpayer funds to unapproved purposes, including payments to an Israeli Brigadier General.

Multiple Award Schedule False Claims

CA Inc., a major supplier of software to federal agencies, paid $45 million to settle a False Claims Act lawsuit by a VSG client who alleged that the company misrepresented to the Government the nature and extent of the pricing discounts that the company was providing to its commercial customers.

False Claims Act Medicare Cases - Quality Control Fraud

Medicare Intermediary Quality Control Fraud

BlueCross/Blue Shield of Michigan, the fiscal intermediary for Medicare in Michigan, paid more than $27.6 million to settle qui tam whistleblower claims alleging that it cheated on quality control tests in order to misrepresent the quality of the auditing services it was providing for the Medicare program.

Federal Grant Fraud - Whistleblower Lawsuit

Grant Fraud

New York State paid $27 million to resolve allegations in a whistleblower lawsuit that it submitted false claims for federal funds meant for the training of social service workers.

Navy Billing Fraud

Inchcape Shipping Services, one of the world’s largest providers of marine support services, agreed to pay $20 million to settle a VSG whistleblower lawsuit accusing Inchcape of overbilling the Navy for services provided to Navy ships in ports around the world. VSG’s clients were awarded $4.4 million, 22% of the settlement proceeds.

GSA Multiple Award Schedule Fraud - Whistleblower Lawsuit Settlements

GSA Fraud

Motorola, Inc., in what was at the time the largest civil recovery ever by the General Services Administration (GSA), paid $15 million to settle GSA’s claims that the company had submitted false claims for goods sold pursuant to the Multiple Award Schedule.

False Claims Act Cases - Foreign Military Sales Program Fraud

Diversion of Foreign Military Sales Program Funds

Pratt & Whitney paid $14.8 million to settle the government’s allegations that it violated the False Claims Act by diverting Foreign Military Sales Program funds to unauthorized purposes, including payments to an Israeli Brigadier General.

Medicare Carrier Fraud Case - Blue Shield Qui Tam Lawsuit

Medicare Carrier Quality Control Fraud

Blue Shield of California, a Medicare carrier, paid $12 million to settle allegations in a qui tam whistleblower action that it misrepresented the quality of claims processing services it was providing for the Medicare program.

Government Contract Fraud Case - False Claims Act Lawsuit

Overbilling on Government Software Contracts

CA Technologies agreed to pay over $11 million to settle allegations that the software giant violated the federal False Claims Act and similar state and local statutes through the fraudulent billing of hundreds of public agencies on software maintenance renewal contracts.

Government Contractor Fraud Lawsuit - Gallup Qui Tam Case

Inflated Cost Estimates on Government Contracts

The Gallup Organization paid $10.5 million to resolve allegations that it defrauded the United States Government by submitting false and inflated labor hours and cost estimates in connection with price negotiations for fixed-price contracts to conduct polling for the U.S. Mint and State Department, and by obtaining Government contract work from FEMA while engaging in employment discussions with a FEMA official.

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