Tips for Potential Cybersecurity Whistleblowers

Cybersecurity Whistleblower Tips

1. Focus on the Big Security Picture

Before contacting qui tam lawyers to discuss blowing the whistle on cyber fraud, consider whether the flaws in your employer’s cybersecurity practices, if known by the Government, would be of significant concern to the Government. The Government rarely pursues qui tam cases involving minor infringements or matters on which experts may reasonably disagree.

2. Make it Clear

Remember that it will often be challenging to explain computer or software engineering issues to a lay person. Before reporting potential cybersecurity fraud, think through the best way to translate the issues into layman’s terminology. If your explanation includes technical terms or acronyms, define them using layman’s terminology. If you work in IT, don’t forget that many concepts you take for granted are foreign concepts for those who have never studied computer science. Metaphors, graphics, and introductory textbooks are often helpful tools.

3. Focus on Clear Contractual Requirements

If you have access to information about contractual requirements in order to perform your job, learn these details so you can convey them to counsel. A strong qui tam case is one in which you can point to a clear obligation that was clearly violated. Moreover, the specific requirements to which federal contractors are subject change over time. Knowing the specifics of the contract will help your attorneys determine how best to proceed on your case.

4. Documentation

Keep written notes on key events and the substance of important documents and conversations.

5. Follow the law. 

Avoid taking any actions that violate cybersecurity requirements or other laws.

With these tips in mind, if you know of cybersecurity violations that you believe would make a valid qui tam case, contact VSG at 202-537-5900 for a confidential conversation. Our lawyers have vast experience representing whistleblowers in government contractor fraud lawsuits and are nationally recognized as leaders in winning rewards for our whistleblower clients.