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Our blog contains summaries of recent, significant, False Claims Act court rulings.

The False Claims Act and its Impact on Medical Practices

Robert L. Vogel Published in Medical Practice Management A lawsuit under the False Claims Act can threaten the very survival of a medical practice. Violations of this statute result in liability for treble damages and potentially ruinous civil penalties. It is a law with which every medical practitioner and practice manager should be familiar. The...

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A Qui Tam Attorney’s Guide: Bringing Suit for the King

The woman across the table from you appears to have a strong retaliatory discharge case. She was fired two weeks after reporting that her boss was engaged in illegal conduct. But there may be an additional, and perhaps more valuable, cause of action. The company your whistleblower client worked for is a government contractor and...

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2009 Amendments to False Claims Act

By Robert L. Vogel Earlier this year, Congress enacted significant changes to the federal False Claims Act, which has been the Government’s principal tool for recovering monies lost through fraud. On May 20, President Obama signed into law the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act of 2009 (FERA), P.L. 111-21. Section 4 of FERA amended the...

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Off-Label Promotions and Prescriptions Pursued Under the False Claims Act

Shelley R. Slade Pharmaceutical companies often market drugs, and physicians often prescribe drugs for uses other than those specified on the product labels approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). This so-called “off-label” distribution of medications can expose drug manufacturers and doctors to liability under federal and state false claims laws. This is because...

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False Claims Act & Health Care Fraud

Shelley R. Slade   These days one often hears the term “health care fraud” mentioned in the same breath as the False Claims Act. Press reports cite the False Claims Act as the remedy employed by the government in a wide gamut of health care cases, including everything from improper kickbacks, inadequate care, and failure...

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